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Our creative process has several steps: orientation, research, analysis, design and implementation. To begin, a "brain dump” initiates a dialogue between the agency and client. This helps build the personal relationships needed to create programs in an atmosphere of understanding, trust, confidence and mutual respect.

Once the strategy is defined and the marketing channels are identified, a creative brief clarifies messaging, audience, call to action and expectations. That document serves as a starting point for the creative input session, where ideas are shared and the relevance of the message and execution as they relate to the client's brand and strategy is defined.

It’s important to understand that the agency-client relationship is worlds apart from a vendor-client relationship. It must be a partnership, taking into account that professionals with many years of experience in their respective capacities are on both sides of the fence. The most effective use of these resources is collaboratively to arrive at the best communications solution. And, we never forget to have fun doing it.
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